How the emerging AI technology is changing our lives

Artificial intelligence technology has become more of a household term and item. Today in 2018 it is no longer a futuristic term, but something which you already probably use in your daily life without even realizing it.

Various AI apps have been developed to make life easier and to assist you every day.

Here are some of the AI based apps and how they can actually help make life simpler for you:

Virtual assistants

People are relying on answers and quick solutions and actions provided by the virtual assistants on their smartphones or on other devices. AI-based virtual assistants such as SIRI, Google Now, VPA, Cortana and others can detect your speech and act upon your vocal commands or give you quick answers to any queries you may have. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT) you can control and operate just about anything around your home or work with the help of these useful AI based virtual assistants.

Fake news and fraud detection

There are various apps and browser extensions which are based on AI tech and algorithms to help you quickly identify fake news or fraud emails. These are becoming increasingly useful in the past few years when fake news and incidents of internet fraud have become not only a personal nuisance and hazard but have threatened the political and the social system as a whole.

AI-based customer support

AI-based bots can act as useful customer support online chat assistants and operators. If you have an online business, using these AI based apps is a huge time and money saving opportunity. You won’t need to worry about hiring people to answer the queries and provide additional customer support 24/7 anymore – just get one of these AI based apps or software products instead.

AI for a smarter home

Automating nearly any task at home is becoming a reality thanks to the AI based virtual assistants and to other AI-based apps which allow you to control the A/C system, the lighting, the door locking and so much more daily activities which you are used to performing manually.

AI apps which recommend the right movies and music for you

You may not be aware of this, but Netflix, YouTube and a number of other streaming and music channels and platforms are already using AI tech to provide you with the movies and music which you are most likely to enjoy. Just look at the “recommended for you” lists of movies and songs or playlists and you will find that they really look like the right pick and recommendation for you!

Other AI-based technologies which can help make our lives easier

There are so many other Ai based apps and technologies which are assisting us in our daily lives and even more which are in the process of development. Pretty soon we will be driving smart cars, playing AI based video games or enjoying the assistance of humanoid robots which have AI features and functions too!

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