Rackspace Announces MySQL Cloud Database Private Beta Program

Web host Rackspace has launched an invitation-only MySQL Cloud Database private beta program for US customers.

Historically, customers running relational databases in the cloud have suffered from poor and inconsistent performance as a result of the limitations inherited from the underlying hardware virtualization platform.  These constraints are common across most infrastructure providers, including Rackspace.

For example, with virtualized disks, there is extra overhead for each operation against the database.  While there have been advances to alleviate some of these constraints, this overhead continues to limit the performance of I/O intensive applications running in the cloud. Other providers have dealt with this limitation by creating custom database storage engines that operate directly in memory.  This approach has great benefits in terms of availability and scalability, but often sacrifices referential integrity or compatibility with your existing applications.

Rackspace has taken a fundamentally different approach to solving this problem by eliminating the overhead of traditional virtualization platforms and utilizing a container-based solution to provide a high performance MySQL relational database service.  This solution provides resource isolation and allows you to quickly and easily automate complex database administration tasks.

Designed specifically for databases, Rackspace’s offering leverages dedicated SAN storage with built-in data replication that gives you high-speed access and redundancy for your data.

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